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  Professional Student Testimonials

“I’ve had the pleasure of instructing with Lois and she’s a terrific fisherman and teacher. She’s patient, extremely knowledgeable, and has an easy going style that makes everyone comfortable right from the start.”
Cathy Beck

“Lois has elevated the art of fly fishing to a higher level. At oh-dark thirty I have been awakened to the swish, swish, swish of Lois casting for golden trout when all normal people are sleeping off the altitude. Her enthusiasm and energy transcend the normal limits of the sport. She is my mentor, teacher and friend.”
Lisa Cutter

“Lois and I have worked together in several casting clinics. I have found (Lois) her to be a dedicated and knowledgeable fly-fisher and would not hesitate to recommend her in any facet of our sport (fly-fishing).”
Mel Krieger

We have had the privilege to have known Lois for 15 years and have fished streams and lakes together. In all our years of fly fishing, we have met no one who has demonstrated a greater love for the sport, or has spent as much time on the water, or caught the sheer numbers of fish as Lois. Her energy and enthusiasm for the sport continue to amaze us. Add to that her experience and expertise as a teacher, and she becomes a fly fishing instructor extraordinaire. If you have the opportunity to enroll in one of her fly fishing classes, do it -- you will be all the better for the experience.” 
Jan & Carole Kurahara

“On a stream in PEI, on a river in New Zealand, anywhere there are trout Lois shares with generosity and knowledge her passion for the sport that is also an art. To be in her presence is a pleasure.”
Charles Lindsay
Photographer for “Upstream, Fly Fishing in the American West”

“Lois Kilburn's love of fishing is surpassed only by her love of teaching. She is a welcome addition to the instructor's field.”
Joan Wulff


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“Lois, I had a great time meeting you and learning from such a great teacher. As they say, a true professional can make difficult things look easy and you sure make it look effortless. I had a great time today and really look forward to doing it again soon.
Have a great weekend and I'll see you soon. I will be recommending you to anyone else I know who wants to learn this craft from a true angler.”
Paul Silliman

“I just have to let all of you know (if you don't already!) what an exceptional teacher Lois is! Lois has a way of instructing that makes fly-fishing non-threatening and fun. I can't wait until my next chance to have instruction from Lois.”
Linda Androws

“Communication and hands on skills were above excellence. She was better than perfect as an instructor.”
Elaine Dealy

“I consider myself so fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet, and take instruction, not only from an internationally acclaimed expert, but also such an animated and effective teacher. You have the rare gift of making your lesson come alive. I wish I had your expertise in more of my Island educators.”
Chester Gillan

“Lois was a joy….Knowledgeable, enthusiastic and humorous.”
Steve Countryman

“Lois can coach the uncoachable and make the process a pleasure.”
Janet Linfoot

"Thank you for teaching the class - I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope to follow it up with some more lessons from you! You are an excellent teacher, I can't think of anything that would help you improve. Keep up the good work."
Sandy McMullan

“As a rank amateur, I had the pleasure of taking a fly casting class taught by Lois Kilburn. Lois is both a dedicated and excellent teacher as well as a delightful person who is able to teach you a lot of technique while making it fun. I don’t know when I have learned more and enjoyed it so much. Now I really feel I’am ready for some serious fly-fishing.”
Don Nissen

“Your enthusiasm for the sport shone through and was an inspiration for both of us. We found the class to be educational and you made it fun. Thank you for your patience and guidance. We plan to put your tips into practice on our upcoming trip to the Margaree.”
Helen Perry

"I was realizing this morning how much I've learned about casting technique, how to use fly fishing gear, and importantly how to truly enjoy this wonderful sport....wholehearted thanks to you!"
Mary Ann Rafferty

"It is funny how someone comes along and gives you an opportunity to try something which you end up becoming addicted to. You planted a seed and helped it grow -thanks Lois".
Don Randall

"Thanks for the outstanding casting lessons. Your instruction was invaluable and increased my fun 10 fold."
Mark Cook

"I have wanted to learn how to fly fish for years but have never had the time or the opportunity to learn the mechanics and the art of fly fishing. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciated, how much I enjoyed having such a warm, skilled, instructor (and with such patience) teach me something that was so different from the way I was used to fishing. You have brought out a new excitement and energy to me - I love to learn!!!!"
Michael Spence

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